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New Story About Prodigal Pub on CBS Minnesota

The Prodigal Pub was recently the subject of a news story on CBS Minnesota. CBS mentions the melting pot of cultures that has been assembled at Calvary Baptist Church’s assembly, and how the same concept has been applied to create a hospitable environment at the Pub for people of all faiths.

“Be it a church, or a bar, the pastor wants the neighborhood to have a place to come together.

It’s a different place to gather but it’s the same kind of fellowship.

‘No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, what you’ve done, you’re going to find the door is always going to be open,’ Stevenson said.”

Thanks to Erin Hassanzadeh and everyone at CBS for the story.

Check out the full story, or watch the news clip here:

We hope you’re able to join us for our grand opening on Thursday, May 9th.