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StarTribune Explains How The Prodigal Pub Came to Be

Neal St. Anthony of the StarTribune recently wrote a new article all about the Prodigal Pub and Calvary Baptist Church.

The article explains our background, the Pub’s connection with the Calvary Baptist Church, and what to expect from a cultural perspective at the Prodigal Pub.

“Our neighbors aren’t walking into a ‘Christian’ pub,’ ” said Randi Cowmeadow. “They’re walking into a pub run by people of Christian faith. It’s spiritual but definitely not preachy. We are about connecting with others, enjoying good food and singing …”

The Prodigal Pub is a place where people of all faiths can connect with one another, allowing us to become closer with our neighbors. This article details our hospitable goals and much more: See the rest of the article here.

We hope to have you join us for our grand opening on Thursday, May 9th.